Why Invest In Dubai Real Estate?

If you are looking to invest in real estate with some incredible returns and buyer incentives, Dubai is your calling. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider Dubai when it comes to investing in Dubai’s real estate market:



Dubai is one of the top destinations in the world and the 4th most visited city. There's always an influx of tourists looking for short term rentals and holiday homes, thus making this an ideal place to invest and earn rental returns.

Incredible ROI:

While the world average global ROI on property investment is between 2-4%, Dubai offers you the highest yield averaging to 7-8%.

Zero Income Tax:

One of the top pros of living in Dubai is the zero income tax. If you are tax resident in the emirate and have no other obligation to any other state or country of tax on foreign earned income, then you can earn your salary 100% free of tax.

Highly Regulated Market:

The UAE government ensures a highly regulated market that helps in keeping it stable and thus create a more fruitful environment for investments and businesses. They have adopted several policies regarding the escrow regulation, rental cap, rental increase calculator and a rental dispute settlement centre.


Stable Currency:

The UAE currency Dirham, is stable and is pegged to US dollars which helps to balance the currency value, economic growth and stability in import, export, property markets and trade.

World’s Safest Nation:

The UAE  is ranked as the safest place in the world! Economic stability goes hand in hand with safety, as people naturally want to settle down, visit or invest in places where they feel safe, secure and protected.

Taking the Next Step:

Should you want to find out more about purchasing property in Dubai, contact us here with your preferred time and date, and we will give you a call for a little chat.

As a real estate company in Dubai, whether you’re seeking a home for your family or looking to broaden your property portfolio, we are dedicated to helping you through every step of your real estate journey.

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